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L-1 Existing Landscape Layout

By clicking on the satellite image below, it will open the Sheet L-1 Existing Landscape drawing. This drawing has been created from a superimposed SAT-Image and it list the existing trees (See numbers 1 thru 24) that are in conflict with the proposed remodeling project.

Please refer to the #-tree (s) that you desired to remain as part of the newly proposed work scope when directing our efforts.

Click on the image below to view “Existing Landscape”, click twice to enlarge view …


Design Directions…

I have uploaded several plans involving the EXISTING TREES and CONCEPT #2 BACKYARD LAYOUT, together with REVISED considerations for the entire outdoor living environment.

The “New Pool” version also involves (19) nineteen PLAN ITEMS that are open for discussion.

The architectural style has kept with a “Freeform” (curving / serpentine) conformity but, I’ve elongated the curves to be more subtle.

As well, I have modified the Gunite Retaining Walls that will address the descending grades and I have buffered the 5’to 6′ height differences with set-back planting areas offering greater safety.

Additionally, I have modified several “usage zones” as follows;

  • 1.) Upper Wading Pool
  • 2.) Sunning Patio Upper Deck
  • 3.) +18″ Raised Spa
  • 4.) Covered Patio
  • 5.) Lower Swim Pool
  • 6.) Lower Patio w/o Fire Pit Water Feature
  • 7.) Water Slide
  • 8.) Outdoor Fireplace Lounge
  • 9.) Sport Court
  • 10.) Alternate Sport Court Area
  • 11.) BBQ / Cook Center Area
  • 12.) Front Courtyard / Street Walk Entry


Due to the amount of retaining walls that will be necessary in Concept #2 together with the costs associated with creating the new elevations (that don’t currently exist), this concept will exceed the overall budget discussed.

The main contributor to this is the degree of demolition, soil removal and debris haul-off in combination with creating the new environment for Plan Items 1 thru 10.

So…although this REV-1 Concept #2 can make great contributions to your property’s usage and real estate values, might I suggest generating a 1 thru 12 priority list in which selected Plan Items might be eliminated during further budget considerations.

P-1 Preliminary Concept#2 (3-15-16) New Swimming Pool Layout

Click on the image below to open, click twice to enlarge view …


This P-1 Preliminary Concept #2 New Swimming Pool Layout above has referencing dimensions as well as Items 1 thru 19 PLAN ITEMS listed. There are examples of each item further down this page with photo-likenesses for these possibilities.

PLAN REVISION-2 (Items a thru t)

Your have requested the following revisions to the Sheet P-1 Preliminary Layout Plan

  • a.) Show (e) Fence Line (currently inaccurate)
  • b.) Show (e) Mature Trees locations
  • c.) Existing Trees to remain
  • d.) Show Basketball Hoop w/ Set-Backs
  • e.) Check HOA Rules regarding Sport Court
  • f.) Move Courtyard more to center of entry doors
  • f.) Align new front walk with front door
  • g.) 6′ wide Gate at new side yard area
  • h.) BBQ to be inset into wall
  • i.) Indicate narrowest and widest measurements @ Dinning Area
  • j.) Eliminate curve on V-Edge Pool / use (e) straight line
  • k.) Remove lower basin swim-out bench under V-Edge
  • l.) Remove Cabo Shelf area
  • m.) Remove Fire Pit
  • n.) Add Water Slide
  • o.) No tile in pool…? (unclear on this)
  • p.) No shallow end in Lower Basin
  • q.) Less extreme curves on Retaining Walls
  • r.) Less extreme curves on sport court
  • r.) Remove Raised Planter in center of concrete deck
  • s.) Lengthen Patio Cover to full length of house
  • t.) Provide more measurements

P-1 Preliminary Concept#2 (3-15-16) Existing Tree Removal Considerations

The plan below affixes a numerical identity to the existing trees as 1 thru 24. In making a decision for removal please refer to the number of each tree in your response.

Click on the image below to open, click twice to enlarge view …


PLAN ITEM #1: Cabo Shelf

Please “CLICK” on any of the the images below to enlarge examples;

Cabo Shelf

PLAN ITEM #2: Gunite “Faux Rockery” Retaining Wall

Gunite Retaining Wall

PLAN ITEM #3: Planter Areas (Adjacent to Wall)

+Planter Areas (Adjacent to Wall)

PLAN ITEM #4: Swimming Pool Lower Basin

Swimming Pool Lower Basin

PLAN ITEM #5: Swimming Pool / Spa Equipment

Swimming Pool / Spa Equipment

PLAN ITEM #6: Stair Risers

Stair Risers

PLAN ITEM #7: Faux Rockery

Faux Rockery

PLAN ITEM #8: 18″ Raise Spa


PLAN ITEM #9: New Concrete Deck

New Concrete Deck

PLAN ITEM #10: Covered Patio

Covered Patio

PLAN ITEM #11: Swimming Pool (Upper)

Swimming Pool (Upper)


PLAN ITEM #12: Fencing & Gates

Fencing & Gates


PLAN ITEM #13: Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace


PLAN ITEM #14: Raised Planter Area

Raised Planter Area

PLAN ITEM #15: BBQ Cook Center

BBQ Cook Center

PLAN ITEM #16: Sport Court

BBQ Cook Center

PLAN ITEM #17: Fire Pit Water Feature

Fire Pit Water Feature

PLAN ITEM #18: Existing Tree Removal

Tree Removal (No Photo)

PLAN ITEM #19: Water Slide Feature

Fire Pit Water Feature

Please provide us with your input on the webform below about these preliminary plan layout efforts, thus far.

Please confirm the Preliminary Layout meets with your satisfaction or use the FORM at the bottom of this page to address you corrections.

If you have any questions, just give me a call…Thank You!

Plan Review / Corrections
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