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P-1.0 Site Plan Preliminary REV-1

The revised (Revision #1) Site Plan below has outlined 1 thru 36 development considerations for the purpose of aiding budgetary explorations.

See previous P-1.0 Swimming Pool / Spa Plan HERE

This revised plan is preliminary in nature, and it does provide dimensional relevance to the design considerations being exhibited so that the space usage and dimensional proportion can be brought into a focused viewing.

The quantifications that are provided, are done as a courtesy. Therefore the Designer shall bare no responsibility as to their accuracy and the Contractor shall bare sole responsibility for the analysis of construction costs estimating.

In referring to any of the Design Elements that are listed on plan, please use the terminology and their sequential numbering designations for communicating any questions and or comments.

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P-1.0 Site Plan Preliminary REV-1

P-1.0 Front Entry Lily Pond

The Front Entry “Lily Pond” area has identified 1 thru 18 Design Elements for your consideration. These can be viewed by engaging the image below;

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P-1.0 Front Entry Lily Pond

P-1.0 Rear Lily Pond, Pool & Spa

The Rear Yard “Lily Pond”, Swimming Pool, Spa and other features are listed as items 19 thru 36 Design Elements for your consideration. These can be viewed by engaging the image below;

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P-1.0 Rear Lily Pond, Pool & Spa


In developing the budgetary considerations, please use the designated numeric outline listings ( 1 thru 36) for each of the water environment elements. The purpose of this is to designate an identity order to each so that we may apply a more concerted communicable design focus that shall assist the furthering of the budgetary prioritizing.

Each of these Design Elements listed can play a role in what becomes the Final Design Draft.

The costs for constructing such features as described has been explained to be the determining factor and discussing these topics with the Contractor can help to better evaluate a fair balance in the importance of each.

Therefore, we have provided this framework for the process of dissecting each component that may be involved, thus allowing the associated costs to be affixed by expressing an expanded line item by line item breakout, which can further identify the assembly of components involved in performing a particular portion of the installation.

The FRONT ENTRY Design Elements are understood as follows;

  • 1.) Planter Areas
  • 2.) Concrete Driveway
  • 3.) Steel Grating (Over Pond)
  • 4.) +6″ Curbing (6-Ea. locations)
  • 5.) Front Entry “Lily Pond” (Main Body)
  • 6.) Gunite Support Column
  • 7.) Under Deck Runnel Areas
  • 8.) Concrete Finishing
  • 9.) LED Bubbler Fountain Heads
  • 10.) Decking (Spanning Runnels)
  • 11.) Site Elevations
  • 12.) Property Line Dimensions
  • 13.) Lily Pond Layout Dimensions
  • 14.) Property Set-Back Dimensions
  • 15.) Gunite Pedestal Bases
  • 16.) Driveway Width Dimensions
  • 17.) Lily Pond Lighting (To Be Discussed)
  • 18.) Front Entry, 6′-0″ Curtain Waterfall

The REAR YARD Design Elements are understood as follows;

  • 19.) Lower Basin (Swimming Pool)
  • 20.) Lower Basin Dimensions
  • 21.) Swimming Pool
  • 22.) Swimming Pool Dimensions
  • 23.) Backyard Lily Pond Wall
  • 24.) Gunite Pedestal, For Concrete Decking
  • 25.) Swimming Pool Vanishing Edge
  • 26.) 42″ Glass Railing
  • 27.) Lower Observation Deck
  • 28.) Set-Back Limit Line
  • 29.) House Deck (Lower)
  • 30.) Parting The Red Sea Stair Case
  • 31.) Acrylic Window Options (Pool & Spa)
  • 32.) Spa Stair Case
  • 33.) Stair Case Gutter System
  • 34.) Custom Spa
  • 35.) Caisson Piers (Engineering)
  • 36.) Upper Deck, 6′-0″ Curtain Waterfall


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P-1.0 Front Entry Lily Pond


P-1.0 Backyard Lily Pond


P-1.0 Custom Spa


P-1.0 Swimming Pool


P-1.0 Vanishing Edge


P-1.0 Red Sea Parting


P-1.0 Water Curtain


P-1.0 Caisson Piers

Moving Forward…

The preliminary design thus far should allow an assessment to be made as to which of these features will make the final cut.

The next step in the design process involves exhibiting the mechanics (pipes & conduits) for achieving operational functionality.

Additionally, the pool, spa and water feature automation control and lighting system, which can also include the Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System.

Although the landscape lighting design is not currently part of the Design Work Scope, it can be added making for an easy overall controllability from one single device for the complete outdoor living environment.

You may respond by my email with any questions and or comments

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