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Sheet P-1 Preliminary Layout - 11-17-15

NOTE: Any of the home’s windows or glass doors that are within 5′-0″ from the pool will also need to be tempered glass as well.

Sheet P-1 REV-1 11-23-15 Preliminary Dimensional Layout Plan

As you have provided me with the progressive steps in your architectural planning, this plan layout is the current understanding for the true and accurate planned intentions for the proposed swimming pool and spa.

From this plan the additional CAD layers will be incorporated into this drawing as the base layer for the overall design so, we’d like it if you can take one last look at everything regarding this desire and confirm that it is correct.

Concept #1 Design Elements

In this concept, I have exhibited a 6′-0″ Retaining Wall that is book-ended by (2) two descending stair cases (Click HERE to See Detail A-P-1).

Additionally this concept also shows a 42″ Tempered Glass Safety Railing at the top of the wall, as the pool’s concrete deck height and the lower grade will pose as a safety issue that will require a railing and the Tempered Glass Railing will provide for a unobstructed view of the rear yard.

Gutter Design (P-1-DETAIL-B)

Gutter Detail P-1-B

Plan Labels and Descriptions

P-1 Dimensional Layout

The above symbol is provided on plan as a reference point for the design elements that are being considered.

These labels together with descriptions and arrows point to the locations that identify the specific components.

The letter, as in “A” signifies the “Individual Detail” that may relate to providing further descriptions for design elements and the “P” numbers as in, P-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 signify the specific plan pages that this information may be found.

Some of these Design Sheets that are referenced as; Sheets P2, P4, P-6 and P-7 are not necessary for obtaining a Building Permit but, they can provide an Advanced Level of Design for clarifications that can better assure that the expectations for the standards, mfg.’s installation protocols and construction quality control will have guidelines to foillow, should you desire further clarifications.

Permit Ready Plans…

P-1 Dimensional Layout__P-1 Dimensional Layout__P-1 Dimensional Layout

Permit Ready Plan i.e. Sheets P-1, P-3 & P-5 reflect what is necessary in submitting for a Building Permit.

These are intended to exhibit the information that involves a typical Building Department’s critiques, in which they can identify the intentions for reaching compliance for the swimming pool building codes.

Advanced Design Levels and Construction Details

P-2 Plumbing, Electrical & Lighting__P-6 Gas Line Run__P-7 Custom Spa Layout

If an Owner’s is approaching the construction process with greater focus on the finer details, then Sheets P-2, P-6 and P-7 would be a possibility for extending the plan sheets that can provide a deeper understanding for the “how to” instructional installation approaches of pipes, conduits and equipment.

If any of these P-Sheets have not been included in the design quotation, you may request them at this stage of development as a Design Addendum.

Construction Details

P-4 Construction Details

Individual “Details” can be exhibited on Sheet P-4, and these are offered at $75.00/ Ea. and can be accumulated as needed to provide greater understanding for the individual components i.e.; Pool Covers, Overflow Trough, Surge Tanks, Glass Railings, Stairs, Laminar Jets, Fire Pits, Water Features, etc…

Advancing the Understandings…

We are a resource for information that can aid your journey in incorporating a 1st class swimming pool / spa standard into your project.

In our design approach, we offer our clients a selection in that of the level of design that may be most appropriate for their needs.

As that understanding may evolve and if a desire for exhibiting greater intensity becomes desired for the design intent, then we offer additional services that can facilitate a deeper meaning.

Your Swimming Pool & Spa…

This pool’s 600-SF and has a 166-PF. It’s width is shown on the drawing, being 8′-0″ (I.D.). The bottom depth ranges from -4-6″ in the shallowest portion of the pool to 5′-6″ in the deepest part (main drain area). There currently isn’t a Swim-Out Bench or Seating. See Spa bottom below…

  • Click HERE to view example of Spa Bottom Contour

The (2) two entry / egress accesses are inset wall steps that are exhibited and will have a dual hand rail on each side. Click HERE to see an example.

  • Click HERE to view Custom Benches and Steps

The Pool’s water volume is approximently 20,500 gallons, thus requiring a filtration pumping flow rate of 57 gpm in order to accomplish one turn-over every six hours.

The Spa’s water volume is approximently 700 gallons, thus requiring a filtration pumping flow rate of 12 gpm in order to accomplish one turn-over per hour.

  • Click HERE to view pump curve performance

Construction Details

The concrete flat-work could involve poured in-place cantilever edge. The development of specifications for pouring, placing and finishing the concrete flat-work can establish the criteria for how to accomplish a 1st Class standard. These directions can involve;

Sheet P-4 Details (Design Addendum)

The exhibitions of the Gutter System and Surge Tank and all other Sheet P-4 Details that have been noted on the plan above represent advanced requirements that go beyond the original design intent. All Sheet P-4 Details will need authorization and acceptance in order to be produced via a Design Addendum in order to become part of the advancing design work scope.

Sheet P-6 Pool Equipment Pad (Design Addendum)

It has been suggested that the Pool / Spa Equipment Pad Layout Area is to be located in the Basement. Sheet P-6 Equipment Pad Layout is not required for the building permit purposes beyond exhibiting the Sub-Panel / Ampere Capacity, Electrical Power and Gas supply pipe and conduit distribution. Sheet P-6 will need authorization and acceptance in order to be produced via a Design Addendum in order to become part of the advancing design work scope.

Sheet P-7 Spa Mechanical Layout (Design Addendum)

It has been suggested that the Spa Layout should exhibit information about the Spa Jets, Entry Hand Railing, Seating Conformity, and the Overflow / Runnel Spillway. Sheet P-7 will need authorization and acceptance in order to be produced via a Design Addendum in order to become part of the advancing design work scope.

Sheet P-9 Courtyard / Water Fountain (Design Addendum)

It has been suggested that the Courtyard / Water Fountain is to become incorporated as a functional element of consideration for the swimming pool and spa’s automation / filtration / sanitation system. Sheet P-9 will need authorization and acceptance in order to be produced via a Design Addendum in order to become part of the advancing design work scope.

Sheet P-1 Preliminary Layout - 11-17-15

Please use the form below to select any of the Construction Details that you wish to purchase and make inclusive to the design.

Please provide an explanation for any special engineering requirements. Also...structural engineering consideration will need to have the compliment of a current (within 2-years) soils report and a property plot plan and topographical survey forwarded to us in a pdf.file format.
In some case we are requested to produce information that will require the investment of overtime hours, which we are willing and able to perform. In such cases we must apply an up-charge in order to cover our additional expenses.
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