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Plan Check Review Process

This pool is 32′-0″ in length and it’s variable width is shown on the drawing. The pool has 420-SF and 84-PF, as drawn. The bottom depth ranges from 3’6″ in the shallow to 7′-0″ in the deep end.

  • Click HERE to view example of Pool Bottom Contour

There is a -18″ Cabo Shelf abutting the shallow end of the pool and a -18″ Swim-Out Bench adjacent to the deep end.

  • Click HERE to view Custom Benches and Steps

The pool’s water volume is approximently 16,500 gallons, thus requiring a pumping flow rate of 46 gpm in order to accomplish Title 24’s energy efficiency guidelines.

  • Click HERE to view pump curve performance

Fire / Water Feature

  • Click HERE to view a sample Fire Water Feature

Construction Details

The concrete flat-work is 500-SF with 84-LF of cantilever edge. The development of specifications for pouring, placing and finishing the concrete flat-work can establish the criteria for how to accomplish a 1st Class standard. These directions can involve;

Pool Equipment Pad Location

The pool equipment Set-Backs are 5′-0″ as is typical…thus placing the equipment on the right side of the home doesn’t leave much room for clearances.

Therefore in viewing the left side you can see that it provides adequate space between the home and the property-line but, there is a 15′-0″ Storm Drainage Easement (SDE) that will inhibit the placement of equipment on this side, as well.

A decision will need to be made regarding the equipment’s location considering these restrictions.

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