Section 302 Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Requirements

302.1 ELECTRICAL; Electrical requirements for aquatic facilities shall be in accordance with NFPA 70 or the International Residential Code, as applicable in accordance with Section 102.7.1.

Exception: Internal wiring for portable residential spas and portable residential exercise spas.


680.5 – GFCI’s may be either circuit breakers or receptacle type.

680.8 – Max. cord length for a pump motor is 3′ except for storable pools.

680.9 – Overhead wire clearance is min. 10′ horizontal from the pool wall.

680.11 – Underground wiring shall comply with 680.11. Wiring shall not be allowed under a pool unless it’s to supply pool equipment.

680.13 – A means of disconnection such as a switch or plug must be within sight of
the equipment served.

680.14 (B) – Wiring methods shall be in Rigid conduit, Intermediate conduit, PVC conduit, RTRC conduit or listed MC cable where installed in a Corrosive Environment. Flex is allowed at the pump motor.

680.22(A)(l) – At least one general purpose receptacle from 6′ to 20′ away is required.

680.22(A)(2) – Receptacles for pump motors minimum 6′ from the pool wall must be GFCI protected.

680.22(A)(3) – Other Receptacles shall be at least 6′ from the pool wall and GFCI protected.

680.26(B)(2) – Perimeter bonding is required for permanent pools. A minimum #8 AWG copper wire (ground ring) must be installed around the pool 4″ to 6″ below grade, 18″ to 24″ from the pool and connect to the pump motor, heater and the pool water bonding.

680.26(B) 4 – Point bonding is not required to the vertical uprights of pools with Vinyl Liners as it is considered a non-conductive material. “For non-conductive pool shells, bonding at 4 points shall not be required”

680.26(C) – The pool water must be bonded to at least 9 sq” of metal.

This may be accomplished by:

  1. Bonding to a pool water heater that has metallic components.
  2. Installing a metal pipe nipple in the water circulation system so a ground strap may be attached to it.
  3. Other approved methods.

680.30 – Storable pools (temporary pools) do not need water bonding or a 300.5 – Ground ring. They shall be provided with a GFCI receptacle with a weather proof cover to allow attachment of the factory installed pool pump cord. The receptacle shall be at least 6′ from the pool. Extension cords shall not be used. Min burial depth is per table 300.5.

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