Preparing Commercial / Public Swimming Pool Plans for Review…

Commercial / Public swimming pool / spa plans must collaborate with the architectural plans for the building and exhibit specific criteria.

FYI: Public use includes motels, hotels, condominiums, apartment complexes and special use pools.

The local Building / Health Dept.’s Plan Checkers guidelines shall require a plan sheet exhibition for all the information that they deem necessary for providing them clear and concise description for the proposed construction intentions.

These descriptions must address how you are to achieve building code compliance. The plan sheet listings below have been developed over years of being critiqued by many different jurisdictions.

Realize that the authorities that are in charge of the approval process must be able to understand the plans and find what is necessary to be shown on plan or approval delays shall result in responding to their correction notices;

Please see the image below for an example of how we organize this information;

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P-Sheets Plan Page Listing

As you can see from our sheet listings, there can be many plan sheets that are required in order to prepare for your local over-viewers building permit submission process.

Our objective is to correctly exhibit how it is intended to build your public use swimming pool and or spa so, that it is compliant with the current approved standards, codes, regulations and guidelines. The required information must address on plan the following elements regardless of the size of the pool i.e.;


The RED items listed below indicate the architectural planning sheets, which you will need to provide us information about the site’s specifics.

The BLUE items are the sheets that we as the Pool Designer would need to produce in order to collaborate all the site specific information i.e.; civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing.

NOTE: All of the site engineering will require a “WET STAMP” on those plans from the Engineer of Record (EOR) for each of their disciplines i.e.; electrical, mechanical, civil, plumbing (storm drains, water & sewer).

  • Restroom / Bathhouse Facilities

  • Bathhouse Construction Material and Finish

  • Labeling / Coding of Piping and Equipment

  • Pool Construction Material and Finish

  • Decking Areas

  • Decking Drainage

  • Depth

  • Depth Markers

  • Diving Area / Equipment

  • Drinking Fountain

  • Electrical

  • Equipment Room(s) or Enclosure

  • Fencing

  • Fill Spout / Autofill devices

  • Filters

  • Filter Backwash

  • Sanitizer / Gas Chlorine / Doser / Erosion Feeder

  • Hair / Lint Strainer

  • Lifeline / Anchors

  • Lifeguard Chairs

  • Lighting / Pool / Spa

  • Lighting Decking

  • Main Drain

  • Operation Instructions Manuals

  • Rim Flow Overflow Gutters

  • Piping

  • Pool Heaters

  • Pool Inlets

  • Pressure Gauges

  • Pump and Motor

  • Flow Meter Indicator

  • Re-Circulation System

  • Sewage Disposal Connection / Size

  • Sidewalls

  • Sight Glass

  • Signs

  • Surface Skimmers

  • Bottom Slope

  • Steps and Ladders

  • Turnover Rates

  • Vacuum Equipment

  • Water Supply

  • Total Dynamic Head Calculations (TDH)

The above information can be a collaboration of our efforts combined with the project’s architectural planning sheets, in order to fulfill the Plan Checker’s criteria for the review process but, what is of key importance here is that the plans have prepared for everything being required accordingly.

Therefore, we will need to know what planning information is available from the architectural plan sheets in order to fully prepare a compliant set of plans. We can produce additional information as necessary but in order to prepare a firm price for our services, we’ll need to know what will need to be made inclusive in our portions of the Design Work Scope.

Please let us know your thoughts and give us a call at your convenience so, that we may discuss your project further.

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