Swimming Pool Demolition

DESCRIPTION: The method by which to demolish an existing gunite swimming pool and reestablish final grade in affected area.

General compliance requirements for a swimming pool demolition:

  • Obtain required permit by submitting a Building Permit Application to the local Building Department.
  • Submit scaled plot plan showing dimensions from pool perimeter to all structures and property lines according to official property survey.
  • Submit for plan check for possible shoring requirements according to OSHA safety guidelines, and if demolition is in conflict with offsets with (e) structures.
  • Remove from pool area all material including concrete, steel, coping, decking, plumbing, and electrical conduit.
  • Identify the type of haul-off materials and the location’s acceptance by the refuge site that is handling it’s disposal.
  • Call for in-progress inspection.
  • Compact with clean fill at 6-inch lifts to final grade and provide and provide an on-site geotechnical Inspector that is qualified to perform observations and verification of proper compaction.
  • Supply from geotechnical Engineer a final sign-off compaction report including final grade and slope for surface drainage to street.
  • Call for final inspection.

In preparing plans for the DEMOLITION & REMOVAL of an existing swimming pool, we must acquire the information that is mandated as necessary by the officials. Please provide us with your project’s specific information on our form below and we shall respond with a proposal / quotation for the supply of PERMIT READY PLANS;

Swimming Pool Demolition / Removal
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(The utility companies have a demolition release form that can be required when utility disruption, disconnection, relocation, etc.. involve the proposed demolition work scope. If applicable please provide this form completed.)
Our design process is initiated upon the receipt and your deposit of the 50% Design Retainer (DR), plus engineering fees. You may contact our office @ (800) 766-5259 if you wish to expedite this process.

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