For Public Swimming Pools, Spas, and Water Features

According to Metro and Tennessee regulations, no person shall begin construction or re-construct a public swimming pool, spa and/or water feature without first having submitted plans and specifications to the Metro Public Health Department for review and having received approval. Plans are to be submitted to:
Submit for review and approval a digital copy of all applicable blueprints, plans, specifications, and details accompanied by a $250 dollar per pool review fee payable to Metro Public Health Department. Multiple files/emails may be necessary. Plans should be drawn to scale, accompanied by proper specifications so as to permit a comprehensive engineering review and shall include but not limited to:
• The name of the facility, its address and applicable permit application numbers.
• The names and addresses of the owner, general contractor, and pool contractor.
• Site plan indicating the placement of the pool relative to utilities and other structures. If the pool is indoors, a floor plan is required showing the entire floor in which the pool is located. The site plan is to include all permanent items and structures to be located within the pool enclosure (i.e., gazebos/shade structures, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, planters, water fountains).
• Certification by the pool designer, architect or engineer of the structural stability and safety of the pool in the plans and specifications submitted.
• A table indicating the following:
o Number of units served by the pool
o Surface area of the pool
o Perimeter of the pool
o Volume of the pool
o Total deck area
o Turnover rate with associated flow rate
o Maximum bather load
• A detailed layout of the pool, including fence and all access control, all pool facilities and related structures and all necessary dimensions of both pool and surrounding areas, as well as pertinent elevation data and all construction materials.
• Top and cross-sectional diagrams with dimensions so that depths, slopes, and clearances may be determined for all areas of the pool.
• All equipment including but not limited to, filters, ladders, diving boards, lifeguard chairs, main drains, surface skimmers, over-flow gutters, inlets, and lights. Location of the equipment is to be provided on a scaled plan accompanied by proper dimensioning.
• Layout and slope of the deck area, including the decking material, location of hose bibb(s), depth markings and deck drains. If deck drains are not to be used indicate means of water removal.
• Plumbing diagram showing all piping and valves, size, type, and location.
• Equipment room diagram showing layout and elevation, sump and method of sewage disposal, floor drains, ventilation, lighting and other equipment and facilities.
• Complete equipment list with manufacture’s specifications including model number, size, capacity, horsepower, pump curve, etc. for pumps, filters, chlorinator, chemical feeders, heaters, strainers, interceptors, and related equipment.
• Source of water and method of filling the pool.
• Samples of deck material (unless concrete is being used), pool tile and bathhouse/restroom floor tile. If the material is required to be slip resistant, provide manufacturer’s data indicating the wet static coefficient of friction using ASTM 1028.
• A detail of the fence including all applicable dimensions.
• Details on required signs and lifesaving equipment.
• Other information as requested by the Department.
• If an outdoor pool is to be permitted for night use, provide the following:
o A photometric survey in foot candles showing a value every five feet for the entire enclosed pool area. The survey will need to be to scale and show the pool and fence/restrictive barriers, which define the pool area.
o The location and mounting height of each light. If multiple type lights are used, they are to be labeled.
o Type of lighting, high pressure sodium, metal halide, etc.
o Watts per fixture
o Manufacturer’s specification sheet per each type of light used.
All construction must proceed in accordance with the approved plans. Any proposed changes must be approved in advanced and in writing from this Department. The Metro Public Health Department approved plan, complete with all comments, must be located at the construction site and available at all times.
Approval of plans does not relieve any person from the duty to comply fully and completely with any and all applicable provisions of Metro code, or any other requirement imposed by ordinance, statute, rule, or regulation of the metropolitan government of Nashville and Davidson County, the state of Tennessee and the United States Government.
The Metro Public Health Department is to be notified at 615-340-5630 for inspection during the following stages of pool construction.
• All perimeter piping, when completely installed, must be inspected and approved prior to being covered; piping is to be installed with labeling face up. Verbal approval will be given to cover piping and proceed with construction.
• Immediately before and after fence and access control is installed.
• After all pool construction is completed and in advance of the proposed opening of the pool.
Inspections should be requested at any time for clarification of a requirement or avoidance of a potential problem.

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