P-4 Site Plan Dimensional LayoutCustom Spa Section

Different levels of planning…

We offer different LEVELS of design involvement. These can range from providing you with just what shall be required for submitting for a “code compliant” building permit application (PERMIT READY), to offering the deeper meaning for how to accomadate a hands-on (OWNER DIRECTED) installation approach, which is information beyond what is required for acquiring a permit to build.

Fees and the design work scope…

Of course the more involved the design must be in order to convey more of the finer details, the more sheet pages it shall require, and as such, more pages equals more costs for a design.

Plan Sheet Selections
Provide the physical address of the property
Please identify the subject i.e; Swimming Pool, Spa, Water Feature, Landscape, Building, Engineering, etc..
(Pool dimensions, elements of consideration i.e. Spa, Waterfall, Fire Pit, etc..)
By identifying the design features, it shall help us to better understand the overall objectives that you are seeking from the design.
This is a listing of the different DESIGN LEVELS that we offer. By checking any of the boxes, we will be able to better identify your areas of interest. Realize that we are a resource for an in depth approach to the construction of a swimming pool and or outdoor living environment project. The costs of producing a design directly correlates to that volume of information that shall be required.
Maximum upload size: 31.46MB
(Please upload a photo or sketch of your project ideas here)
Our design process is initiated upon the receipt and your deposit of the 50% Design Retainer (DR), plus engineering fees. You may contact our office @ (800) 766-5259 if you wish to expedite this process.

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