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P-1.1 Site Plan REV-2 9-28-16

P-1.1 Site Plan

P-1.2 Dimensions & Elevations REV-2 9-28-16

P-1.2 Dimensions & Elevations

P-2.0 Calculations & Equipment Spec’s REV-4 10-18-16

P-2.0 Calculations & Equipment Spec's

P-2.2 Utilities Distribution REV-2 9-28-16

P-2.2 Utilities Distribution

P.4.0 Chemical Doser System REV-2 9-28-16

P.4.0 Chemical Doser System

DETAIL #18 P-2.1 STEPS & GRAB-RAILS REV-3 10-10-16



These images represent the FINAL DRAFT status and will include all referenced DETAILS per the plotting cost per sheet fee and the total number of plan sets requested.

Upon your acceptance of the plan layout, the structural engineering complement can be quoted and made inclusive in the overall design work scope. You may recall that the engineering quotation requires the reviewing of the FINAL DRAFT in order for the engineer to understand what’s applicable.

Please and let me know if we can forward this FINAL information for the Engineer’s Review.

Upon remittance of the final invoice billing for the remained of the Design Retainer, Engineering Review and the quantities of plan set (s) plotting costs, we can produce your “WET STAMPED” plans for your Permit Submission process.

If you have questions or comments, please contact me…Thank You!

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