Preparing Our Proposal / Quotation…

Our Request for Information begins with identifying which level of planning that you are interested in obtaining i.e.;

  • Permit Ready (Level-1)
  • Owner / Builder (Level-2)

Choosing The Level Of Design…

The Permit Ready Level-1 involves twelve (12) standard sheets that are listed and the Owner / Builder Level-2 lists fifty-six (56) sheet possibilities so please select one of the two categories and then review the individual sheet titles and “CHECK” the appropriate “BOXES” below that will identify the specific sheets that you believe will be most appropriate for providing directions for your project’s needs.

Our Product…

Our proposal / quotation will respond by quantifying the total number of individual planning sheets (referred to as our P-Sheets) that will apply. The outlining of the specific planning sheets is intended to validate a stronger commitment and provide you with a verifiable understanding for the product you are purchasing.

The Price…

The price for the design service will depend upon the number of sheets that are selected from one of the two different category levels listed below on our web-form questionnaire. More sheets equates to more time and therefore more time producing a design will increase the price of the design service.

Please click on the image to view an orientation about our planning levels, use your browser’s back arrow key to return to this page…

Providing A Property Plot Plan…

We have also provided you with a “Drag and Drop” uploading box for you to provide us with a Property Plot Plan, which is needed in order to begin the design process. Please include a pdf. or jpg. file document that has the home’s foundational footprint, the property’s complete site layout and all property line dimensions exhibited.

If you’re uncertain leave the titled sheet “UNCHECKED” and we can discuss whether or not further planning may be beneficial to your design needs.

Provide the project's address
Pool, Landscape, Building, Engineering, Etc..
Pool dimensions, elements of consideration i.e. Spa, Waterfall, Fire Pit, etc..
We use the Estimated Retail Construction Value (ERCV) to establish our Permit Ready Level design fee. Generally speaking the ERCV corresponds to paralleling the level of design intensity involvement.
If you have an equipment manufacturer preference, please indicate here.
Check the descriptions that best describe your desires.
If you are familiar with the area of the pool being desired, please indicate it here.
Indicate if an inground spa is part of your desires.
Regardless of the spa shape indicate the approximate interior spa size being considered. Remember that the normal use bather load should apply a minimum 3'-6" perimeter feet of space per bather for the spa bench seating area).
Select either one of the "LEVELS" of planning service that shall be required for exhibiting the depth of information being sought. "PERMIT READY" is the level that will just address the Code Compliant requirements by a Building Dept. and OWNER / BUILDER is the advanced level of planning that shall include more of the specifics regarding installation procedures and manufacturers recommendations.
This is a listing of the "PERMIT READY" planning sheets that we offer. By checking the sheet specific boxes you will then be affirming your expectations from this level of our design efforts.
This is a listing of the different planning sheets for the "OWNER BUILDER" planning sheet possibilities that we offer. By checking the sheet specific boxes, we will then be able to better identify your areas of interest, as well as inform you of what can be expected from the design efforts selected.
Maximum upload size: 31.46MB
(Please upload a photo or sketch of your project ideas here)
Please indicate the time of day that you've completed the form.
Our design process is initiated upon the receipt and deposit of the 50% Design Retainer (DR), plus engineering fees. You may contact our office @ (800) 766-5259, if you wish to expedite this process.

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