L-2 Irrigation System Design

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Sample Pop-Up Sprinkler Detail

Irrigation Hydro-Zoning Design Requirements; will be on a fee basis of which the construction directions will establish the site specific value.

This price for services will include the following information which will be transposed upon our standard “D” (24” x 36”) sized pdf.file involving a maximum lot size of .30 acre.

Sheet L-2, will contain “Irrigation System Layout” of the proposed pool project that is reflected on the Swimming Pool Dimensional Layout Design.

This Sheet L-2 will be titled “Irrigation Plan” describing the layout intentions for the selected Irrigation Main Water Supply Line, Lateral Supply Lines, Remote Control Valves, Sprinkler Head Layout and Drip System Layout as follows,


  • 1. Pop-Up Sprinkler Head Detail

  • 2. Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler Head Detail

  • 3. Drip Irrigation Distribution Ring Schedule Detail (1g, 5g, 15g, Box)

  • 4. Drip Irrigation Layout “Turf” Detail

  • 5. Lateral Piping Distribution Network Detail

  • 6. Spray Remote Control Valve Installation Detail

  • 7. Drip Remote Control Valve Installation Detail

  • 8. Main Supply Line Layout Schematic

  • 9. RCV Wiring Designation Layout

  • 10. Filtration System Detail & Schematic

  • 11. Pump System Detail & Schematic

  • 12. Control System Detail & Schematic

  • 13. Well Head Connection Detail

  • 14. Hydro pneumatic Tank Detail

  • 15. Drip Irrigation Turf Grass Preparation Detail

  • 16. Groundcover Planting Detail

  • 17. Drip Irrigation Flush Valve Detail


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