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This webpage has been provided in order to offer a quick and easy reference source for viewing the planning exhibits that will explain the LOCATIONS of the featured mechanical elements, and how the PROPOSED development is being considered.




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The Swimming Pool Layout is diagrammatically shown. This drawing provides a series of assigned “Details”, which will offer further explanation for the code compliant intended installation instruction specifics.
Each of the numbered assignments refers a code required component and the drawing exhibits the intended locations for each. Some of the components exhibited are not in the Design Work Scope of the swimming pool mechanical design but are indicated so that Pool Builder can communicate to the other Design Professionals what shall be needed and can familiarize themselves what what will be necessary in order to collaborate a code compliant swimming pool plan for submission.


In summery there are assigned item numbers that have been identified at the actual locations. Please use the numbers above to identify the actual locations of each item listed and print a copy of the preliminary plan layout above and then markup the drawing show me any changes to these locations.


Please review the information and provide directions for any desired changes. One (1) revision has been made inclusive in our original Design Fee Schedule. Additional revisions beyond the one (1) made inclusive are considered billable work.

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