Sheet P-1 Swimming Pool Design will include the following information which will be transposed upon our standard “D” (24” x 36”) sized pdf.file involving a maximum lot size of .30 acre.

Sheet P-1’s information, will be a scaled drawing of the proposed pool in the yard area that is reflected on the Plot Plan supplied by the Owner.

The Sheet P-1 will be titled “Sheet P-1 Pool Layout Plan” for referencing and will show the diagrammatic locations (as applicable) for the following,

  • a.) Pool Lights

  • b.) Deck Junction Boxes

  • c.) Skimmers

  • d.) Main Drains

  • e.) Spa Side Switch

  • f.) Interior Control Pane

  • g.) Equipment Pad

  • h.) Sub-Panel

  • i.) Control System / Timer

  • j.) GFCI Receptacles

  • k.) Pool / Spa

  • l.) Public Utility Easements

  • m.) Pool Equipment Set-Back

  • n.) Pool Structure Set-Back

  • o.) Property Lines

  • p.) Safety Barriers

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Sample Plan

Swimming Pool Dimensional Layout

Pool Design Fees

Our design fee structure for “Permit Ready” is based upon 2% of our estimated retail construction value for your project, plus engineering costs.

Estimated Retail Construction Value (ERCV)

The ERCV will be based upon our historical experience having designed, estimated and constructed outdoor living environments for over three decades.

The initial ERCV will be assessed for what is deemed to be fair market value for a professional performance but, will in no way act as a proposal to perform the work described unless entering into a separate agreement for the construction.

We use your budgetary expectations combined with our multi-generational experience in construction, in order to equate a value for the size and scope of a project design.

Standard Design Agreement (SDA)

The design will be according to the terms and conditions stated in our Standard Design Agreement SDA.

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The Plot Plan…

We will need a copy of this document, which will provide us information referencing several important aspects of your lot i.e.;

  • Building Set-Backs
  • Public Utility Easements
  • Lot Dimensions

These are things that can restrict the space available for building of which we will need to know prior to engaging the design process.

In order to correctly exhibit any proposed development we must familiarize ourselves with any of these restrictions so that the proposed development does not conflict with the officially sanctioned conditional use of the property.

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Landscape Design

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Sheet P-5 Structural Engineering (Boiler Plate)

A common approach to swimming pool building is to employ a “Standard Boiler Plate Steel Schedule” in providing the directions for the swimming pool’s steel reinforcement density, sizing and placements.

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Boiler Plate LONGITUDINAL SECTION Swimming Pool Engineering

In this approach,…hypothetical calculations are inferred rather than assigned to explicit site specific conditions. Therefore, certain site specific unknowns may not be addressed as part of this engineering approach.

Overall, this approach is generally found to be adequate in providing structural integrity and subsequent permit approval.

Site Specific Structural Engineering (SSSE)

In some cases, where custom pools and specialty features may be involved, it can require SSSE.

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Site Specific Swimming Pool Engineering

In such cases a pool design must be produced first in order for the Engineer to be able to perform a Design Review and determine if any additional engineering requirements will pertain. In these cases additional fees for SSSE will be quoted.

Sample Grade Beam Section

Sheet P-5 Swimming Pool Engineering will be quoted separately, as either approach applies.

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Please complete the form below in order to begin our Level-1 design process. Additionally, we will need you to email us a pdf.file copy of your property’s Plot Plan.

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