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The benefits of great design can quite literally save you $1,000’s over the life of your swimming pool.

We are a resource for eliminating remorse that comes from hindsight disappointments for what better planning could have accomplished!

If you desire accurate planning that is connected to the truest meaning for the value in a “price” then you will need a portrait of those requirements in order to evaluate anything tangible.

There is value in proper planning and free designs do not offer greater value, as that superficial approach is only intended to be a sales tool of which you may be paying for the “costs” of “free”… for years to come!

Select Your Level of Design…

We offer several design levels, as options to fulfilling your design requirements.


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Swimming Pool Dimensional LayoutPlumbing & Electrical LayoutPool Safety RequirementsConstruction Design DetailsStructural EngineeringEquipment Pad SchematicCustom SpasLandscaping

Permit Ready vs Owner Builder Plans…

Permit ready plans basically deal with what will be required in submitting for a Swimming Pool Building Permit.

This level of planning will facilitate the fundamental design elements for achieving a “code compliant” plan exhibition, that is part of your local Building Department’s overview guidelines.

The issuance of a Building Permit is contingent upon submitting plans that meet the requirements and can be critiqued during the inspection process.

The Inspection Process…

There are generally (4) four inspections when building a swimming pool but, you may call for a pre-site inspection in order to make sure that you are not encroaching in restricted space and in this case there would be (5) five;

  • 1.) Site Staking Confirmation (Set-Back / Easement Compliance)
  • 2.) Pre-Gunite / Steer Erection/ Rough-in Plumbing Electrical
  • 3.) Pre-Decking / Equipotential Bonding
  • 4.) Pre-Plaster / Gates & Fencing / Door Alarms
  • 5.) Final Inspection / Operation GFCI Circuits

Owner Builder / Advance Design Level Options…

We can provide advanced design levels (additional fees) that pertain to providing an advanced understanding to your selected performers or sub-contractors.

These offer more precise instructions as to the standards, practices and the manufacturer’s protocols for what is necessary in accomplishing a proper installation, although not necessary for acquiring a “Building Permit“, these tighter controls can help to achieve 1st Class results from contributing performers!

Being In Control of The Results…

In this introduction we reference several of our website’s linked web-pages below in order to provide you with a better understanding for our planning efforts.

These links will further explain our focused efforts at defining your outdoor living environment expectations on your plans.

Each link will be a blue bolded underlined heading of which you can “click” upon, in order to go to the subject specific appended informational.

Design Fee Basis…

Our design fee structure is based on 2% of our Estimated Retail Construction Value (ERCV) for your project, which leaves you much more to be invested into it’s construction.

We use your budgetary expectations combined with our multi-generational experience in construction, in order to equate a value for the size and scope of a project.

Estimated Retail Construction Value

The ERCV will be based upon our historical experience having designed, estimated and constructed outdoor living environments for over three decades.

The initial ERCV will be assessed for what is deemed to be fair market value for a professional performance but, will in no way act as a proposal to perform the work described unless entering a separate agreement.

Standard Design Agreement

The design will be according to the terms and conditions stated in our Standard Design Agreement (SDA).


The Plot Plan

We will need a copy of this document, which will provide us information referencing several important aspects of your lot i.e.;

  • Building Set-Backs
  • Public Utility Easements
  • Lot Dimensions

These are things that can restrict the space available for building of which we will need to know prior to engaging the design process.

In order to correctly exhibit any proposed development we must familiarize ourselves with any of these restrictions so that the proposed development does not conflict with the officially sanctioned conditional use of the property.

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Please click upon the “thumbnail” images below in order to review our design work scope descriptions.

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Equipment Pad Layout

We can also provide your with an Equipment Pad Schematic (not required for Building Permit), that shows the diagrammatic intention for your equipment pad layout.

This approach provides a numbered sequence that designates the location for each pipe and conduit that comes from the pool and intersects with an equipment function.

This is most helpful for those wishing to engage the installation as an Owner Builder.

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Swimming Pool / Spa Equipment Pad Installation

We offer design understanding for the infrastructures that rest beneath the surface that may involve, water containment environments such as; Swimming Pools, Pond, Fountains and other types of water features that require detailed instruction for the assembly and construction procedures.

Our design efforts begin by developing your product listing…by the numbers!… What this means is that we provide an equipment schematic layout that exhibits each pipe and conduit to be connected at the equipment pad respectively as 1, 2 ,3, 4 and so on…

In describing virtually every nut and bolt that will be required to build a 1st Class product on our plans, construction details and specifications our efforts will provide you the tools that are necessary for achieving the results that your investment dollars deserve.

When your pump, filter, backwash valve, heater, sanitizing device, timer, automation and the operational functionality for your valves, and valve actuator’s intended programmability’s is in a clear and concise black and white exhibition, well then you can be rest assured that the performances have been anticipated.

After all,…what is it that you are buying, if it can’t be exhibited on a plan, clarified on an installation detail as to the procedures for proper installation and quantified by a written specification?

Operational Functionality

What is operational functionality…? Well it’s a lot more than you may be aware of…It’s the controllability of the infrastructure through the pipes and conduits that make up how your pool will operate most efficiently.

The latest craze is to chime in with how a variable speed pump is going to save you big energy but, if the plumbing system fails to be able to deliver the water flow volumes necessary to effectively turnover the pool’s water volume…Well then,…you won’t be able to maintain a balanced water chemistry and have a grief free pool!

Select A Swimming Pool and or Spa Shape

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Landscape Design

Click HERE to review our landscape plantings, irrigation, drainage and outdoor lighting design pages.

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When completed...please provide us with a property "Plot Plan" that shows the officially recognized property line dimensions. It is important to indicate the location of the service utilities (Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone / Cable, Sewer, etc..) Additionally, site photos are most helpful. These can be in jpg or pdf format. EMAIL TO: Thank You, Michael Chaffee

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