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Preliminary Site Plan

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Confirmation of Pool Equipment Location

I requested confirmation about the desired location for the pool equipment and had not heard back, thus I have placed it under the deck. If this is in conflict with other elements, please advise as to where space 8′-0″-W x 6′-0″-L x 5′-0″-H will be available.

It was discussed that it will be placed under the decking?

Proposed Bond Beam Elevations

In reviewing the site plan, there is a planter area and wall that are exhibited adjacent to the Spool.

The wall’s upper elevation is 105.25′ and the upper deck elevation is 104.05’making the wall 1′-2-1/2″ above the deck. The wall also has a 3′-6″ railing (108.75′).

In this Concept #1 Spool Layout, I have accommodated the upper deck elevation by embracing the back of the Spool with a Raised Bond Beam (See Color Purple TOBB = 103.66′).

In this concept the Spool’s Raised Bond Beam would create the planter’s pool side wall stepping up at the 4-steps and descending at the lower basin’s (TOBB = 99.50′).

Spool Elevations

Please review the proposed elevations that are indicated. In requesting any corrections / modification refer to these a A thru I as listed on the right side of the Detail below./h4>

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Seating & Jet Conformity/strong>

The preliminary spool / spa seating together with the jet quantities, jet positions, jet nozzle types, bottom and bench depths. Upon confirmation of these considerations a spa jet diagram will indicated where these are to be located and plumbed in.

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The intended lighting has been exhibited having (3) three in the Spool and (3) three in the lower basin.

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