LEVEL-2 Swimming Pool Plumbing & Electrical Planning…

Swimming Pool Dimensional Layout

Swimming Pool Plumbing & Electrical Layout Design will be on a fee basis of which the construction directions will establish the site specific value. This price for services will include the following information which will be transposed upon our standard “D” (24” x 36”) sized pdf.file involving a maximum lot size of .30 acre, Sheet P-2, will be a scaled drawing of the proposed pool area that is reflected on the Swimming Pool Dimensional Layout Design. This Sheet P-2 will be titled “Pool Electrical & Plumbing Layout” showing the diagrammatic locations for the following;

Sample P-2 Plumbing & Lighting Plan

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Sample Plumbing & Lighting Plan


  • a.) 24v Electrical Conduit
  • b.) 120v Electrical Conduit
  • c.) Bonding Wire
  • d.) LPG / NG Gas Line
  • e.) Pool Suction Line
  • f.) Pool Return Line
  • g.) Lower Basin Main Drain Suction Line
  • h.) Lower Basin Skimmer Suction Line
  • i.) Spa Hot Water Suction Line
  • j.) Spa Hot Water Return Line
  • k.) Spa Jet (s) Suction Line
  • l.) Spa Jet Return Line
  • m.) Spa Air Line
  • n.) Ozone Generator Line
  • o.) Salt / Chlorine Generator
  • p.) Water Supply Line
  • q.) Auto-fill / Overflow line
  • r.) Back-flow Prevention
  • s.) Pump (s)
  • t.) Air Blower (s)
  • u.) Heater


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