The Site Observation Process…

Swimming Pool Dimensional Layout

Our Seven Construction Inspections:

We offer on-site inspections for the sequential thresholds of accomplishment in the construction process of building swimming pools and spas as follows;

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Permit Submission

We offer Building Permit Submission Assistance (BPSA) on a fee basis in an effort to provide our clients with a “full service” capability.

Over The Counter

In some jurisdictions plans can be submitted over the counter and approved during a preliminary interview that can clearly and concisely brief officials about the construction intentions.

Under Review

In other situations the over-viewing processes of the plans may need to be submitted and then go through several departments within a City or County agency in reaching approval.

In either case, an orientation with officials can require a submitter to have greater familiarity with the plans, so that the plan’s approval process can remain straightforward and seamless.

The Q & A…

In engaging this submission process officials may have questions that can posed hurdles to receiving approval but, if knowledgeable familiarity is ascertained with regards to the plans and the planning exhibits i.e.;

  • Construction Details
  • Product Specifications
  • Code & Safety Regulations
  • Structural, Geotechnical Engineering Information

Then compliance can be authenticated and the official’s “check-list” items can be highlighted and checked off.

The key is to be able to submit and explain (when necessary) everything that’s needed for a complete set of plans in a way that is both clear and concise, as well as easily interpret-able from the plans.

Knowing where these facts are exhibit on plan and how the fundamentals for the code compliant prerequisites play a role for gaining approval as prescribed, can shorten that journey!

Additionally, having greater familiarity for the specific property in the specific jurisdiction together with any pre-approval mandates fully addressed, will also aid shortening the time span between submission and acquiring approval to progress with building.

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