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Preliminary Pool Layout 6-17-22 – REV-#1


Preliminary Pool Layout 6-17-22


Enlarged View – Preliminary Pool Layout 6-17-22 – REV-#1


Enlarged View Preliminary Pool Layout 6-17-22




We have provided a Planning Sheet Listing in the original Design Proposal / Quotation. This document exhibits both the inclusive planning sheet intentions together with the exclusionary ones (N.I.C.). The purpose of this is to bring attention to what is and is not being anticipated as part of the Design Work Scope


Planning Sheet Listing 5-10-22


NOTE: We include one (1) planning revision at the preliminary design stage. Further changes, modifications, corrections and plan productions are to be considered an additional service at a $585.00 / min. cost as billable work, upon approval.


Design Addendum – Expanded Design Work Scope


An expanded Design Work Scope will require producing additional information that was not made part of the Original Design Work Scope.
This new information was not made part of the Original Design Work Scope because the desire for additional features was not discussed as of yet.


NOTE: The following features have not been considered in the original Design Work Scope. Exhibiting these features will require producing additional planning sheets.


OPTION #1 – Bubbler Head Example

Bubbler Head Example


OPTION #2 – Laminar Jet Example

Laminar Jet Example


OPTION #3 – Fire Feature Pentair Magic Bowl LED Lighting

Fire Feature


OPTION #4 – Fire Feature Gas Fire Pit w/ LED Lighting

Fire Feature


Producing additional DETAIL information will require you to acknowledge and accept a Design Addendum which will provide directions for the layout and specifications of these advancing considerations.
If it is your desire to direct us to move forward with the Design Addendum #1 we will need your authorization and acceptance of an increased to the original Fee Schedule that can allow considerations for the additional time required to produce the added planning sheets.
Please let us know if you wish us to move forward with the Expanded Design Work Scope and we will produce the Design Addendum #1 Change Order.

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