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REV-3 Preliminary Site Plan

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Confirmation of Revised Preliminary Layout

Please confirm the revised Preliminary Layout meets with your satisfaction.

The footprint of usable yard space accommodates the following elements per our discussions;

  • P-1-A: +18″ Raised Spa w/ 4′-0″ wide spillway
  • P-1-B: +18″ Upper Deck & Steps
  • P-1-C: Swimming Pool w/ +18″ Raised Bond Beam
  • P-1-D: Sodded Lawn Area w/ Mowstrip
  • P-1-E: Gas Fire Pit w/ +18″ Seating Wall
  • P-1-F: BBQ / Bar Area / Shade Cover
  • P-1-G: 5′-0″ A.C. Unit Screen Wall
  • P-1-H: Landscape Planter Area (s)
  • P-1-I: Shade Sail Cover (Future)
  • P-1-J: Sheer Descent Waterfalls
  • P-1-K: Safety Fence w/ Gates
  • P-1-L: Basketball Court
  • P-1-M: Concrete Patio Area
  • P-1-N: Pool Equipment
  • P-1-O: Utilities Supply

Upon confirmation and acceptance of the Preliminary Plan above, we will move forward with preparing your Permit Ready supplements that will be necessary for the submission of a swimming pool building permit.

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