Construction Consultant verses Design Consultant…

Our PERMIT READY planning efforts are focused upon facilitating the local swimming pool permit submission requirements, specifically. As such, this planning level will have “ONLY” considered the time required in preparing for that level of design expression, within our quoted fee structure.

These efforts will focus upon articulating the construction intention that can meet compliance with the applicable building codes for swimming pool construction.

Our OWNER BUILDER planning efforts can (when identified) be focused upon facilitating the permit submission, as well as answering questions that may be posed, which are considered to be installation related, not design related.

Additional installation diagrams and CONSTRUCTION DETAILS can be made available as “OPTIONS” that can compliment a developing and or novice understanding at additional costs.

Because TIME is the commodity being sold / purchased in the provisions being made available in the supply of our expertise, then the amount of TIME being required must be known and defined clearly and identified as inclusive in order to become made inclusive.

Each project is different and each CLIENT is different, and as such fulfilling the expectations of each requirement can be different.

In some cases, unfamiliarity with a process can lead to independent speculation as to what was intended as being inclusive, and that can place us at a disadvantage regarding the time that was originally considered, verses an ongoing evolutionary pursuit on differing concepts.

Therefore, we have provided you with an explanation for what our intentions are and have exhibited this as a public referenced link ahead of engaging the design process.

Construction Consulting…

Swimming Pool Layout

Regardless of our professional opinions, you’ll need to verify that your selected candidates for the execution of the construction will parallel these opinions, before getting started and most importantly during the course of their work make sure that they are achieved.

Equally important, the tolerances for accomplished Gunite thicknesses can vary greatly, depending upon the Gunite crew’s experience, as Gunite can only mirror the precision of excavation and steel erection accomplished prior to it’s application.

Thus, it is important that the excavation be precise, and that the erection of the steel reinforcements be precise so that the Gunite applications can be precise and do not need to be “fudged” in applying any thicker walls than necessary in order to accommodate the minimum Gunite coverage over the steel reinforcements, per the structural engineering directions.

Also…please realize that answering construction questions does involve more time in order to provide answers therefore, be aware that construction consulting time is billed at $150.00/hr. and all Construction Details beyond what’s required for Permit submission are $75.00/ Ea.

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