In-Field Layout and plan dimensions

Verifying a property’s survey, regarding any inaccuracies requires using a REGISTERED LAND SURVEYOR.

Generally speaking, this would originally been performed by the home Builder for a given subdivision’s development and then the lots would be lined out to the property line dimensions and presumably according to the City’s approval / acceptance.

From that information the homes typically are built together with the fencing, walls, streets, etc..

The only way to validate that the house, fencing, walls and other improvements have actually followed the survey to the “inch” accordingly,…would be to pay a REGISTERED LAND SURVEYOR to perform in-field measurements based upon the subdivision’s bench mark monuments.

Referencing pinned bench mark monuments can require special satellite receiver instrumentation and other devices unique to land surveying.

Thus, to answer questions about measurements and subsequent inaccuracies, we are not a REGISTERED LAND SURVEYOR that can validate, authenticate or verify that the property’s dimensional layout is compliant with the original survey.

Thus, because we can’t validate those original measurements, we abstain from accepting responsibility for all measurements simply because fences, buildings, walls, etc… are not absolutes for dimensional references. Additionally, as part of the Terms and Conditions of our Standard Design Agreement the CLIENT indemnifies the DESIGNER against any and all liability that may arise from dimensional inaccuracies.

If the house was issued a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) then the City would generally have accepted the layout per their regulations as being compliant.

Our design efforts will have utilized the officially recognized dimensions for all Property Lines, Building Set-Backs, P.U.E’s, as shown on the Plot Plan provided by a CLIENT and mandated by the jurisdictional over-viewers at the City / County.

Typically those officials will have check that these intentions to make sure that they correspond correctly before issuing a Swimming Pool Building Permit and during the Building Inspection Process, the City / County Inspector would verify that the construction’s progress remains compliant with the approved plan’s intentions.

Rest assurances…

A pre-site City / County inspection can be requested at the mark-out stage, prior to actually starting the excavation, in order to verify that the in-field dimensional layout is allowable per the approved plans. It’s a good idea to get a copy of that sign-off.

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