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AMDI LOGO-002 2015-608 x 341

Liquid Chemical Dispensing Systems

Adding pool chemicals automatically or on a regular basis minimizes the high and low swings associated with intermittent manual chemical maintenance.

The SR-4000 (single pump system) and SR-6000 (dual pump system, with separate control boards for each pump)are ideal for applications requiring daily chemical maintenance. With the ability to stack three pumps per drive, these systems can dose from one drop per minute to 70 gallons per day, with many increments in between.

The SR-4000 and SR-6000 can operate as stand-alone units for periodic injection or maintenance, or in conjunction with automatic backwash controllers.

Standard Features

  • Systems consist of a peristaltic pump, an interval timer and a duration timer.
  • Can be used for two separate chemicals or two separate locations.
  • Either system can be plugged into a standard 115VAC electrical outlet with cord provided, or hardwired to115VAC, 208VAC, or 230VAC.
  • Can be operated on continuous setting and cycled by an automatic backwash controller.
  • Wide range of interval choices and duration adjustments can handle almost any application.

SR-4000/SR-6000 Series™
Chemical Feed Pumps

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